Trends in paint colors come and go.  A fresh coat can be an affordable and effective way to create a new look if it has been several years since you painted your home. You may intend to modernize the area to get your home ready to sell or simply for your own enjoyment.  

Here are a couple of paint trends in 2020 that painting Reno can incorporate to your house: 

How to Incorporate 2020 Paint Trends 

You do not have to paint an entire room or your whole house in one of these well-known paint colors for 2020. By implementing trendy colors in small areas, you can still enjoy its benefits. Here are a couple of ideas that you should consider: 

  • Repaint the garage door 
  • Redo the exterior window trim 
  • Revitalize an old furniture piece using a trendy paint color 
  • Update the kitchen cabinets with a new paint coat 
  • Paint your front door in a new color 
  • Redo the guest bathroom in a trendy 2020 color scheme 
  • Paint an accent wall in your master bedroom or living room. 

Colorful and Bright Culinary-Inspired Hues 

Though earthy tones are not going out of style any time soon, you might want to utilize a bright and bold color somewhere in your house. If you’ve got a spice rack in your kitchen, it offers a lot of inspiration.  

  • Mustard Yellow 

This comes across as optimistic and energetic. It makes an ideal exterior color and can be great for an accent color in your office.  

  • Cayenne Red 

No matter where you utilize it, this color is a showstopper. Common applications include the front door, dining room, and kitchen. 

Natural Shades of Blue 

Blue comes after brown and green when you think of colors outdoors. The most common shades this year are inspired by the sky and sea.  

  • Navy Blue 

It is commanding and strong. It’s an appropriate color for big rooms with vaulted ceilings.  

  • Icy Blue 

It is light and soft. It’s ideal for brightening small rooms.  

  • Blue-Grey 

This is the same as the color of the clouds during a light rain. It produces a serene and soothing atmosphere best for bathrooms and bedrooms.  

Soft Earthy Tones 

One ideal way to add warmth to your house is to paint a white wall in a neutral color. These are trendy, yet safe colors this year: 

  • Cider Brown 

This offers the color of autumn into your house as an approachable and earthy orange. Entryways, bedrooms, and bathrooms appear great in this color.  

  •  Mushroom Grey 

It’s a warm and soft shade that appears elegant in neutral-colored hallways, kitchens, and other areas.  


A lot of the most common paint colors this year are inspired by nature. The paint trends in 2020 are designed to bring back people to nature in this technological age. Here are some of the most common greens this year: 

  • Sage Green 

It infuses an energy dose into any interior area. 

  • Moss Green 

This produces a calming atmosphere. This is ideal for bedrooms.  

  • Mint Green 

It’s a great shade for small areas. This includes bathrooms. It also works well when paired with white.